The days of not knowing where and by whom your garment has been made are over. Today, consumers are demanding to know that what they’re wearing is ethical, organic and made in a sustainable fashion — not in a factory that exploits its workers.

This is more than a trend; it’s a movement. For example, Patagonia, a Certified B Corporation, is a bellwether. Patagonia clothing is made with 100-percent organic cotton, and you can send in any article of clothing to be recycled or repaired. Since 2014, the company has sold fair-trade apparel. The company’s CEO, Rose Marcario, reminds us that the most sustainable clothing we own is what’s already in our closets.

Ethical fashion can be found up and down the supply chain: Fair-trade clothing manufacturers in India, such as Mandala Apparels, Rajlakshmi Mills and Sudara, are finding that improving their employees’ lives — through fair wages, good working conditions, and benefit plans — is good for the bottom line. (Learn more about sustainable clothing that has an impact on our environment and society in our free report.)

And it’s not just clothing companies that are making a difference: Ethical shoe companies, including Certified B Corporation Dansko and fair-trade shoe company Oliberté, strive to create companies that a value-driven and eco-friendly shoes that cause as little environmental harm as possible. There are even manufacturers that create only vegan shoes. Eyewear companies are getting into the game as well, providing vision care to the masses; fair-trade jewelry companies help women in the developing world; and social enterprises are looking to disrupt the headware industry. What you carry matters, too: We can now stash our gear in eco-friendly bags, fair-trade bags and bags made from recycled materials. What we wear can now, indeed, be an emblem of our values.

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Find products made by companies you can trust by downloading our FREE Special Report, Ethical Clothing Companies and More: The Best Sustainable Brands and Eco-Friendly Products.

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