Changemakers like John Replogle and Mandy Cabot Reveal the Benefits to Their Businesses Becoming B Corporations

Inspirational business leaders explain how following their mission and values has been important to creating their successful companies in this FREE Special Report

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A growing number of entrepreneurs and successful CEOs are doing business in a way that is socially responsible, environmentally sustainable — and profitable. To help share the message of their practices, many inspirational business leaders have sought B Corp Certification. According to several respected leaders of socially responsible companies, this certification has brought their company many unforeseen benefits, including:

  • Exciting new business opportunities
  • Proven marketing ideas
  • The best and brightest talent
  • Less operational waste
  • Lower energy usage
  • Positive community impact
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Unimagined business growth

If these align with goals you have, you’ll undoubtedly find valuable practices and real-world success stories when you download our FREE Special Report, B Corp Certification: Changemakers like John Replogle and Mandy Cabot Reveal the Benefits to Their Businesses of Becoming B Corporations. You’ll learn how to start making a difference in your company — and in the world.

What B Corp Certification Can Achieve

Although many people have lost sight of this fact, doing business based on positive human values is good business. And this FREE Special Report gives you dozens of ideas from the inspiring business leaders who have successfully implemented them for both improving your business practices and the world at large. This Special Report is designed to help you:

  • Understand what B corp certification can do for your company
  • Discover the power of B corp values and best practices
  • Learn how to start transforming your company into a certified B corp
  • Anticipate both the challenges and rewards of earning B corp certification
  • Reap the benefits of undergoing the B corp certification process
  • Transform your organization into a powerful force for good

In this Special Report, you’ll read inspiring examples of how the B Corps community generates an astonishing amount of collective goodwill, energy and value for its members, which lead to improvements in community outreach, sourcing, marketing and more.

B Corp certification offers extra credibility in your community — credibility that can open up entirely new markets and opportunities.

You’ll get the inside scoop on how becoming a certified B Corp has delivered highly qualified, passionate, value-aligned employees — including the next generation of business leaders — to other mission-driven companies.

One business has grown an astonishing 800 percent since earning its B Corp certification — all derived from the public relations, expanded community, networking opportunities and social capital that comes with certification.

Socially Responsible CEOs Share the Benefits of B Corp Certification

This Special Report features nine B Corp leaders relating their personal and business experience of earning their certification. You’ll hear from these changemakers:

  • Mandy Cabot — CEO, Dansko
  • John Replogle — CEO, Seventh Generation
  • Rob Michalak — Global Director of Social Mission, Ben & Jerry’s
  • Gonzalo Muñoz — CEO, TriCiclos
  • Tiffany Jana — CEO, TMI Consulting
  • Nat Robinson — CEO, Juhudi Kilimo
  • Tim Masson — CEO, The Ian Martin Group
  • Kevin Trapani — CEO, The Redwoods Group
  • Maria Kingery — Cofounder & CEO, Southern Energy Management

In this report, these leading socially responsible CEOs tell you in their own words how their companies approached the certification process, what surprised them about it, and the benefits their companies have earned from it. They represent companies all around the world in a variety of industries, and their real-world experiences will give you inspiration you can customize to your own business to have the largest possible impact.

B Corp certification provides a confirmation of commitment to employees, customers and investors. For example, Trapani says of The Redwoods Group, “Our business is built on being a different kind of insurance provider — one that works with you to prevent bad things from happening on the front end but is there for you as a partner when something does go wrong. Sharing that we’re a Certified B Corporation helps prove that we’re not just telling you we’re different; we live out a different business model every day.”

And Masson of the Ian Martin Group, a recruitment consulting firm, notes, “The biggest thing is how other B Corps have given us inspiration to build our culture. For example, our B Corp certification has helped us redefine our values of authenticity, entrepreneurship, and stewardship; engage more people in strategy; and put a premium on learning.”

Perhaps that sounds like a lot of idealism without any substance. But as Masson also tells you, “As a result, we were listed as one of Canada’s 50 best workplaces in 2014, and we have been able to continually attract and retain the best employees in our industry.”

The entire business sector is paying attention to this movement. It is becoming accepted that the only right way to do business in the future is to engage in socially responsible business. As Kingery explains, her company’s biggest challenge in becoming a Certified B Corporation was convincing their leadership team that it was a good idea. But, they turned a corner when they saw the other powerful businesses that are part of the B Corp community:

“They were skeptical at first, but the companies who were already on board inspired them. In the end they were convinced that 25 years from now, this is just how business is going to be done, and we’ll get to say that we helped make that happen.”

Experienced Business Leaders Offer Advice on B Corps

Truly, one of the most powerful ways to understand the impact of a B Corporation is by hearing directly from the business leaders who have undergone the certification process at their companies. The guidance of someone who has experienced the process first hand will allow you to customize their collective advice to your own reality and business.

What can you expect from the certification process? The interviews in this free report give various viewpoints on what the certification process involves. Some businesses were surprised by the level of transparency that’s required. “We had very good practices but were not totally committed to showing ourselves to our stakeholders. That was challenging, and definitely worth it,” says TriCiclos’ Muñoz.

A direct piece of advice from Michalak at Ben & Jerry’s, certainly one of the most prominent B Corps in the world. “Do it. Whether you test the assessment on your own or go for official certification, it is an enlightening process that only gives you more insight into your own business and how you can improve it.”

Others advise that because B Corps are an emerging sector, and it pays to start out by researching B Corps that already exist in your industry. Earning your B Corp certification is the perfect opportunity to influence your industry for the better — and become a leader in this growing movement.

After all, as Masson notes, “I have been pleasantly surprised with the growing number of old economy businesses joining the B Corp movement.”

Access the cumulative advice when you download this Special Report. It could help drive a dramatic, lasting impact on the way you do business. These successful business leaders are respected and well-known within their industries, and their advice is 100-percent experience-based. Find out how they have put certification to use in the real world, not in theory.

B Corp certification: Inspiring business leaders know it’s the best way to do good in your community, your world and your career. It is the people, after all, who choose to use business as a force for good in the world.

We hope you’ll join in,

Bryan Welch
CEO and Publisher
B the Change Media

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  1. How can you lose your B Corp standing by taking on clients that are antithetical to your company core values? I am not talking about arms dealers and pornographers.

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