Companies That Make a Difference: Innovative Businesses Receive Honors as Best for the World in 2016

Learn about some of the best companies in the world that are embracing triple-bottom-line business models in this FREE Special Report

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An exciting movement is afoot in the business world. Leaders and change-makers are bucking old trends of prizing profit above all else. They’re proving that a company can be profitable while upholding strong missions and using environmentally and socially responsible business practices.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know which businesses you can trust. Amidst the noise of marketing promises, what companies really stand out from the crowd? Which are the most sustainable companies with stellar corporate ethics that are building engaged workforces and making a positive difference in their communities?

Thankfully, we have some independent metrics that can help us answer these questions. Based on a thorough assessment from B Lab that evaluates businesses across several key categories, we can see which companies have risen to the top of their fields. In this report, we’ll introduce you to these truly outstanding businesses and share with you what they’re accomplishing. We’ve recognized these companies as the Best for the World honorees, and we’re spotlighting the most impressive examples here.

Download it today to learn about several inspiring companies that are redefining good business!

Business interactions are a ubiquitous part of our lives. And whether you’re a consumer, an aspiring entrepreneur, or the next trendsetter in for-profit social enterprise, you’ll find this report enlightening, engaging and important.

Innovative Businesses Seek to Make the World a Better Place

Across a diversity of industries, today’s business leaders are asking pressing questions about how they can use business as a force for good:

How do we foster vibrant, engaged workplaces so that employees feel empowered to do more good?

What does meaningful corporate environmental responsibility look like?

How can we make community outreach projects a central component of business operations, and what projects make the most sense for us?

What hiring practices fit best with our mission, and how might we reach out to overlooked job candidates who need a second chance?

How can we create the largest impact with our corporate philanthropy?

In this FREE Special Report, you’ll learn about triple-bottom-line businesses that are building answers to these crucial questions and more into the very fabric of their companies. They’re achieving economic sustainability, environmental sustainability and social responsibility all while empowering employees and improving their communities.

Meet Some of the World’s Most Innovative Businesses

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What Kind of Innovative Businesses Will You Discover in This Report?

Our FREE report brings you more than a dozen unique examples of values-based companies using business as a force for good. The Best for the World honorees were recognized across four unique categories, and we highlight some of each, including Best for the Environment, Best for Community, Best for Workers and Best for Customers. By looking at these different ways to use business as a force for good, other socially responsible businesses can collect ideas and raise the bar on their diverse goals.

In the Best for the Environment category, you’ll learn about a skin care company that takes exceptional care in sourcing environmentally responsible ingredients and another company that makes household products out of recycled plastic, among many others.

Companies celebrated as Best for Community stand out for many accomplishments, including corporate philanthropy. For instance, a sustainable soap company highlighted in the report gives at least 2 percent of sales to support animal welfare, youth services, prisoner education, regenerative agriculture and a host of other initiatives. A French retailer that tries to connect customers to the outdoors gives 10 percent of net profits to nature-focused charities.

The companies rated as Best for Customers range from a school lunch provider increasing access to healthy meals to a data systems company providing educational apps to prison inmates.

The businesses recognized as Best for Workers place high importance on employee engagement and satisfaction. For instance, you’ll get the scoop on an employee-owned garden supply company where employees feel valued, involved, loyal and happy.

These are the kinds of businesses that are changing the world. One of the ideas you glean from this important report may inspire you to start your own sustainable company!

In Companies That Make a Difference: Innovative Businesses Receive Honors as Best for the World in 2016, you’ll also learn about …

• A winery that raises funds for local health clinics
• A museum offering innovative educational outreach programs
• A Kenyan company providing loans and training to small-scale farmers
• A website that matches skilled volunteers with nonprofits looking for particular skills
• A solar company bringing renewable energy to the masses
• And many more!

The report provides detailed information on what makes these companies successful, and all the steps they’re taking to make the world a better place.

Learn About Socially Responsible Businesses From a Trusted Source

Why Should You Read About the Best Companies in the World From B Magazine?

It’s fashionable for today’s companies to claim they are “sustainable.” Discerning consumers and business leaders can count on B Magazine to be a trusted source that uses thorough assessments to provide in-depth reporting on the some of the best companies in the world. We’ll show you the inner-workings of these businesses — looking not just at their accolades and accomplishments, but also at their bottom lines, how they got started, their challenges, and their goals for the future. We ask tough questions and get to the heart of the important values that drive businesses and, in turn, drive important changes in our world. We are dedicated to socially responsible business, triple-bottom-line philosophy, sustainable business practices and corporate ethics.

So when you read this FREE Special Report, you’re getting in-depth company profiles that you can’t find anywhere else.

And this information is available to you completely FREE. We believe in spreading these inspirational and valuable stories so that we continue to help raise the bar for what consumers look for in a company and what the next generation of business leaders aspires to.

Sustainable Companies Making a Difference

We understand your email address is private. We will only share your email with our trusted third party sponsors. And remember you can unsubscribe at anytime.

We help show that for-profit social enterprises can make incredibly positive impacts in the world. Whether you’re a consumer who wants to learn about some of the best companies in the world that you can support, an entrepreneur shaping your business model, or a longtime business leader looking for fresh inspiration, this report will offer a wealth of information you can use.

We hope you’ll read Companies That Make a Difference: Innovative Businesses Receive Honors as Best for the World in 2016 right now. Even more importantly, we hope you’ll be inspired to support these exciting trends in the world of sustainable business, or even incorporate some of these business practices into your own conscientious operations.

You have the power to use business as a force for good and these stories will spark new ideas!

Ready to read about some of the best companies in the world? Download this FREE report now!

Your partner in better business,

Bryan Welch
CEO and Publisher
B the Change Media

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