Ethical Clothing Companies and More: The Best Sustainable Brands and Eco-Friendly Products

Discover fair trade clothing brands, recycled plastic sunglasses and more in this FREE Special Report

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In our throw-away society, every bit of waste is a threat to the planet. Unfortunately, the fast-fashion industry is a huge contributor to our trash problem. Clothes and accessories are often made from harmful materials, and they’re not built to last.

What would happen if the apparel industry experienced a revolution? What if materials were sourced responsibly, products came with warranties and worn materials were recycled rather than tossed in the trash?

That revolution is already underway. Find out which companies are cutting back on waste, how they’re doing it, and where socially-conscious consumers can spend their money wisely, in this FREE Special Report, Ethical Clothing Companies and More: The Best Sustainable Brands and Eco-Friendly Product from B Magazine.

Download it today and become a more informed citizen of the world tomorrow!

Anyone with an interest in sustainability or apparel will find this report enlightening. Not only will business leaders discover intriguing models of corporate social responsibility worth replicating, but consumers will also find out where to spend their money responsibly.

These examples of ethical clothing companies and accessory manufacturers will inspire you to shop with quality, beauty and sustainability in mind — perhaps you’ll even start planning your own socially-conscious company. Following others’ examples of ethical manufacturing is how the world will be changed, one consumer, one company at a time.

How Ethical Clothing Companies Make a Difference, from Fishing Nets to Fire Hoses

Do you worry about plastic shopping bags filling the ocean?

Do you want to do something about Third World poverty?

Do you wonder how a socially responsible company tracks its success?

In this FREE Special Report, you’ll learn about companies who have found creative ways to start solving these problems and more. Ethical Clothing Companies and More is designed to help you…

  • Learn how socially responsible companies do business
  • Discover new and exciting eco-friendly products
  • Understand environmental problems you didn’t know existed
  • Take action to solve problems with your wallet
  • Do business with fellow companies that are as socially responsible as yours
  • Become a better, more knowledgeable world citizen who helps nurture our planet every day

For example, you may already know that Patagonia famously promises to repair or replace its clothing if it wears out, in the interest of keeping products out of landfills. But did you know there’s even a mobile repair vehicle roaming the country, as well as on-site repair shops in many cities? Find out more about Patagonia’s extensive Worn Wear program in this Special Report (including the name of the mobile repair shop).

As for fishing nets and fire hoses, they’re both currently being recycled into useful and popular items of all kinds. Area rugs, men’s wallets, skateboards … even local jobs are being created thanks to recycled materials. The details are in this guide — so download it now to get up to speed!

Why Should You Read about Ethical Clothing Companies from B Magazine?

Despite the burgeoning popularity of socially-conscious business and consumerism, there’s no other single resource where you can discover the innovators and inspirational thinkers who drive it. B Magazine chronicles this movement by telling the compelling stories of people, places and ideas. We are dedicated to corporate social responsibility, green consumerism and fair trade commerce. More than a business magazine, B Magazine goes around the world to deliver stories of real-life socially-conscious people, products and companies into its readers’ hands.

So when you read this FREE Special Report, you know you’re getting the very best and most scrupulously-reported information available for the thinkers, business leaders and consumers who need to know more about the sustainable world – people like you.

Best of all, of course, is that it’s free: We believe this information is so important to the world today that we simply want to get it into as many hands as possible, as quickly as possible. There’s no time to waste in spreading the word about sustainability in business.

So when you read about a company that actually leases — that’s right, leases — blue jeans to its customers, and even takes them back, sells them to the public as pre-owned and names each pair after its original owner, you could be inspired to lease your first pair of jeans. Or perhaps you’ll be inspired with a great idea for your own social enterprise. You may even decide that your socially responsible company should do business with that jeans company.

In the world of sustainable business, spreading ideas around the globe is the name of the game.

What Kind of Ethical Clothing Companies Will You Discover in this Report?

As you’ve already seen, we’ve got jeans manufacturers, outdoor and active-wear clothing, plus wallets and purses, skateboards and home décor. Candlesticks made from fire hoses? Of course. Laptop sleeves sewn from leftover wetsuit fabric? Naturally. Plastic trash scavenged from around the poverty-stricken country of Haiti that’s turned into jersey, canvas and denim fabric? Absolutely!

There are also companies that work to replace those disposable food and beverage paper and cardboard cups and containers we get every time we pick up a latte, and companies that have products you can use instead of “disposable” plastic shopping bags.

If you’re serious about helping to change the world and save our planet, this guide full of ethical clothing companies and accessory retailers is the perfect place to start — or to continue the work you’ve already begun.

It’s free. There is no cost or carbon footprint involved in delivering it (unless you decide to print it out — in which case we suggest you use recycled paper products). Downloading and reading this Special Report is simply a responsible thing to do.

“They were skeptical at first, but the companies who were already on board inspired them. In the end they were convinced that 25 years from now, this is just how business is going to be done, and we’ll get to say that we helped make that happen.”

There are quite a few companies whose names you probably know already that do business responsibly or engage in sustainable practices. But in this report, you’ll learn surprising new details about them. You’ll discover new companies with products you can’t wait to buy. You’ll gain a new appreciation for the socially responsible business movement and its power and size. You’ll realize that these products, which are intrinsic in our daily lives, can and should come at a much lower cost to the environment than do most of our “things.”

We hope you’ll read Ethical Clothing Companies and More: The Best Sustainable Brands and Eco-Friendly Products right now. Even more importantly, we hope you’ll act on your new knowledge of this movement in a concrete way.

This is a world where consumer habits of throwing everything away – from grocery bags to old shoes – are part of daily life. This is a world where planned obsolescence is a concept practically engraved in gold for manufacturers. That’s why it’s so important for people like you to take action — to read, understand and act on information like this. Consumers and conscientious business owners have changed entire belief systems before … so now is the time for us to unite.

Can any of us afford to turn away, and to ignore the potential we have to use business as a force for good?

Remember, this Special Report on some of the most influential and innovative companies in the sustainable, eco-friendly world today is absolutely FREE. Yet it can help you make important changes in your own life, which in turn impacts the lives of thousands of people whose oceans will have less plastic floating in them, or who work at these companies in poverty-stricken nations.

Download it now … the Earth will thank you.

Yours for a sustainable future,

Bryan Welch
CEO and Publisher
B the Change Media

One response to “Ethical Clothing Companies and More: The Best Sustainable Brands and Eco-Friendly Products”

  1. 12/19/2016

    The companies that I worked for as an employee
    and their buyers had contracts with suppliers here in the United States as well
    as countries that we had treaties and business agreements.
    The clothes that I am referring to were garments made in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

    I took care of my clothes, so that they would take care of me!

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