Socially Responsible Food: How Ethical Food Companies Are Creating a Better Food System Through Better Business

Discover ethical food companies, trends in organic food and sustainable agriculture, and more in this FREE Special Report

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In our modern times, many proclaim that our food system is broken. Typical agricultural practices pose serious environmental problems, and many food companies are completely disconnected from the farmers that grew the raw ingredients for their products.

Food is more processed and less wholesome, and too few have access to healthy food. From concerns about global food security all the way to school lunch nutrition, food-system issues are incredibly varied and need to be tackled head-on.

Several socially responsible food companies are answering that charge with gusto and creativity. With careful sourcing, transparency, employee engagement, and meaningful relationship-building with farmers and suppliers, these ethical food companies are bringing better foods and beverages to the market.

Find out which companies are tackling some of our food system’s most pressing problems in this FREE Special Report, Socially Responsible Food: How Ethical Food Companies Are Creating a Better Food System Through Better Business.

Download it today to learn about innovative business models creating a real impact!

We all eat and drink, so we all have a fundamental stake in these issues. Conscientious consumers, as well as businesspeople with an interest in the food sector, will find this report educational and inspiring.

The business models spotlighted here aren’t the run-of-the-mill stories of sustainable food you’ll find from other publishers. We’re bringing you stories from around the globe of deeply ethical food companies that are going beyond labels, beyond organic and beyond even food production itself. They’re making lives better for their employees, for farmers and suppliers, and for the communities in which they operate.

How Socially Responsible Food Companies Can Make a Difference

Consumers and producers are asking crucial questions about how to make our food system more sustainable and better for all:

How can we increase access to healthy food for the poor and for underserved communities?

What farming methods will heal the land instead of cause harm?

What does a truly transparent supply chain look like, and how can we hold food companies accountable?

How can we bring more organic food options and fair-trade foods and beverages to the market?

In this FREE Special Report, you’ll learn about businesses that let their values guide the way in producing high-quality foods and drinks. In Socially Responsible Food, you’ll learn about …

  • Ethical food companies that built their businesses from the ground up
  • Cool sustainable food and drink products you likely haven’t heard of before
  • Environmental impacts food companies are making
  • How transparency and employee engagement can be foundations of successful food businesses
  • The vast potential of sustainable farming

Discover Sustainable Food Companies

In one of the report’s sections, we detail how a strong dedication to women’s empowerment and sustainable farming methods shaped the success of a coffee-growing collective. This story not only describes how the business achieves financial success, but also how it has drastically improved the lives of many women and families. The U.S.-based coffee roasters that buy the organic, fair-trade coffee beans from the collective donate a portion of sales back to the collective’s nonprofit arm, infusing more capital for life-improving projects into the lives of farmers. The model continues looping in this way, with every member in the chain benefitting.

These are the kinds of business models that are changing the world. One of the ideas you glean from this important report may inspire you to start your own sustainable food company!

Why Should You Read about Socially Responsible Food Companies from B Magazine?

Even though the sustainable food movement has been growing in recent years, rarely do you get an inside look at some of the business models of the change-makers in the industry. B Magazine is dedicated to going far beyond the superficial details. We get to the heart of the important values that drive these businesses and, in turn, drive important changes in our world. We are dedicated to corporate social responsibility, fair-trade foods and other products, and ethical business practices.

So when you read this FREE Special Report, you’re getting high-quality reporting from within the sustainable food sector that you can’t find anywhere else.

And this information is available to you completely FREE. We believe in spreading this valuable information to inspire more consumers and more leaders in the business world. Information is power, and we seek to generate well-researched and in-depth reporting so you have the education and power to make a real difference.

Learn About Ethical Food Companies

What Kind of Ethical Food Companies Will You Discover in This Report?

Our FREE report brings you nine unique stories about values-based food companies using business as a force for good.

You’ll get the scoop about a zero-waste wine company that runs its operations completely on renewable energy. The report details the inner workings of an employee-owned brewery run by people who are deeply engaged in the business’s operations as well as community involvement. You’ll discover mission-driven companies, such as Revolution Foods, which is increasing access to healthy food by bringing wholesome meals back to school cafeterias and after-school programs. You’ll learn about the importance of a transparent supply chain in a honey business and how cherry growers are focusing on producing a healthful product while using fewer pesticides.

And how’s this for innovative: You’ll learn about a company addressing global food security concerns by creating protein-rich flour from insects! Check it out to learn all about this buggy idea.

The report provides detailed information on how these companies (and more!) got started, what makes them successful, and all the steps they’re taking to make the food system better and more sustainable.

Socially Responsible Food Companies

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One fun aspect of reading this report is that you’ll likely walk away with a shopping list of organic foods and other products you can’t wait to buy! From award-winning cheeses and sustainably produced wines and beers to organic coffee and wholesome lunch packs, there are plenty of amazing items detailed here that you’ll want to try.

Some of the socially responsible food companies highlighted in the report are ones that have built a strong national reputation and that you may already be familiar with. Others are up-and-coming businesses whose names you’ll want to get to know. The key is that all of them are doing something new and different to change our food system. All of them have lessons to teach us about what works and what’s important in building an ethical food business from scratch.

We hope you’ll read Socially Responsible Food: How Ethical Food Companies Are Creating a Better Food System Through Better Business right now. Even more importantly, we hope you’ll be inspired to support these exciting trends in the world of sustainable agriculture and food, or even incorporate some of these business practices into your own operations.

You have the power to use business as a force for good and these ideas will aid and inspire you!

Ready to chow down on these hearty stories? Download this FREE report now!

Yours in good food and a better world,

Bryan Welch
CEO and Publisher
B the Change Media

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