Why Is Corporate Social Responsibility Important? CSR Advantages, from Profit to Longevity

Find out why corporate social responsibility is important for business in this FREE Special Report

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As consumers become more conscientious and mindful of the businesses they support, it is more true now than ever before that a socially responsible company will often be a profitable company. Businesses that fail to keep up with the changing landscape may be forced to pay the price.

That’s the message in our FREE Special Report, Why Is Corporate Social Responsibility Important? CSR Advantages, from Profit to Longevity, and you can download it right now to learn the details.

You’re reading this because you’re curious about corporate social responsibility. You may be wondering whether an organization must make sacrifices to become a socially responsible business, how much corporate social responsibility costs and what type of rewards responsible businesses see.

Reading this Special Report is the perfect start to your journey, and it comes from B the Change, a global media brand that celebrates critical thinkers, innovative companies and ground-breaking products with a positive social and environmental impact on our world. B the Change is entirely dedicated to the movement of business as a force for good, so when you read our Special Report, you know you’re getting trustworthy, thoroughly-researched information.

Why is corporate social responsibility important?

It’s easy to understand why CSR is good for the community, both locally and globally. Green business practices, volunteer efforts and corporate giving benefit both people and planet. But what’s in it for the businesses that engage in it?

The simple answer: Companies that become socially responsible can expect long-term survival rates to improve, market-shift resilience to strengthen, consumer trust and loyalty to increase dramatically, and the most talented and dedicated employees to come knocking.

For the details on all of this and more, read Why Is Corporate Social Responsibility Important? CSR Advantages, from Profit to Longevity. This report will help you and your company …

  • Understand what the value of CSR to a company
  • Discover the power of CSR values and best practices
  • Anticipate both the challenges and rewards of becoming socially responsible
  • Build a profitable, durable business
  • Reap the long-term benefits of becoming socially responsible
  • Transform your organization into a powerful force for good – and good business

This Special Report delivers data that paints an intriguing picture. For instance, did you know that between 1998 and 2009, the average annual return on a portfolio of the (publicly traded) companies on Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work for” list was 10.3 percent, compared to an annual average return for the S&P 500 (the standard U.S. benchmark) of 3.0 percent?

In short, a company with a happy, productive workforce makes money for its shareholders. That’s certainly not what many traditional business managers might expect, especially in this era of stagnant wages, endless layoffs, disappearing benefits and massive offshoring.

Reinforcing this theme, two economists wrote in a 2009 study, “Firms might measurably benefit from their socially responsible decisions, if these decisions are recognized and rewarded by relevant stakeholders. This recognition might take the form of stronger consumer demand or higher worker productivity, which in turn would yield to the firm a stronger financial performance.”

Here are some other topics covered in this Special Report:

  • How a stock index constructed using environmental, social, and governance factors, has performed against the S&P 500 since its inception in 1990
  • How companies committed to sustainability performed against industry averages by 15 percent during the 2008 stock market crisis in 16 of 18 industries studied
  • How the world’s oldest company has survived for 700 years
  • The best indicators of a company’s long-term health after an IPO

Why is corporate social responsibility important? Ask customers.

We all understand the reason behind the success of big-box stores: rock-bottom prices. But this report uncovers what today’s customers say earns their business, and you’ll be surprised by the other factors that play into their decisions.

Data in this report shows how much consumers are spending on eco-friendly products and the green behaviors they demand of companies they do business with. Says one observer, “People today are more passionately involved and supportive than ever, yet more demanding and unforgiving, as well.”

You’ll even discover in this report where green activities are most important to consumers – and it’s not the countries you might expect.

What else do consumers want from the companies they patronize? They demand “ethical” products that are natural, organic, humane or the result of fair trade. In fact, the U.S. market for ethical products has grown annually in the high single to low double-digits in the 2000s. When you read this report, you’ll find large amounts of data on sales, market share and consumer preferences. Download the report now to get it all.

Why is corporate social responsibility important? Because it’s good business.

Anyone in business would love to become the financial success story of their industry, whether that’s retail, manufacturing, service, transportation or anything else. And in order to win, it may be tempting to consistently choose the cheapest practices, even if they’re not ideal for employees, consumers and the environment. But is taking the low road worth it?

The answer is yes, it certainly can be. It’s not always cheap to be socially responsible, and there are challenges to adopting a CSR strategy. This report acknowledges the potentially high cost of doing business in a socially responsible way.

At the same time, you’ll be surprised to learn that even companies held in low regards by much of society can improve their reputations by making efforts to improve employee morale and engage in environmental good work. This report shows that the mightiest of corporations should consider accommodating a growing desire for corporate responsibility among the consumers it serves. The data shows that the old way of doing business may not be the profitable way forever.

In the end, that’s why you’ll want to read this Special Report: Because paying attention to trends is part of doing good business.

Download this FREE Special Report right now. It could have a dramatic impact on the way you do business and on your bottom line.

Corporate social responsibility: It’s the best way to do good for your business and in the world. Read about it today. Free.

Yours for a CSR world,

Bryan Welch
CEO and Publisher
B the Change Media

PS: Don’t wait: Download this FREE Special Report now and start changing your company’s fortunes – and those of everyone around you – tomorrow.

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  1. This really highlights some of the most important features of CSR. While my company has been working hard to make an impact out of a sense of mindfulness, it often surprises our clients when we inform them that it is profitable as well. In fact, it’s so profitable we’ve based our whole marketing agency around this triple-bottom-line : betterbetterbetter.org!

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