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B the Change Media has been engaging with our audience via pre-launch newsletters, such as the one shown here. Now that the website is live and the first issue is on newsstands, we look forward to hearing what you think.

In the weeks leading up to officially launching B Magazine and our website, we enjoyed getting to know our new community through social media and periodic newsletters (shown above). We shared landmarks on our journey toward launch, told you about what we were reading, gave you background on members of our B the Change Media team and shared exclusive videos.

Jennifer Kongs

Jennifer Kongs, Managing Editor, and the entire B the Change Media editorial team want to hear from you.
Photo by Justin Garner

We also asked you questions. Many of your thoughtful answers are included here — and we’d love to hear more from you in the future. As we continue to share the compelling stories of people using business as a force for good, we want to hear what you loved, what you didn’t love, and what ideas you have for future issues.

You can write a good old-fashioned letter to 916 ½ Massachusetts St., Lawrence, KS, 66604; send the editorial team an email; or leave comments and replies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’re also excited to introduce you to our daily and weekly newsletters. You can sign up by downloading one of our free reports.

It’s been a pleasure meeting you. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. We look forward to hearing a lot more from you in the years to come.

Your Responses to Our Questions on Social Media

Which companies are shining examples of corporate responsibility? Why?

Via Facebook
Sara Christine
Here in Kansas City, Missouri, we’re proud to call Boulevard Brewing Co. local. They are setting an example of how to be more environmentally friendly. They’ve teamed up with Ripple Glass to recycle the equivalent of 800 million Boulevard bottles since 2009. They also have a zero-landfill policy and have reduced their water waste significantly. Boulevard has managed to maintain the original warehouse while adding green features. The roof has solar panels and live plants helping to defer energy consumption and cost. The packaging building has large windows and skylights to utilize natural sunlight. And all outside lighting uses photocells and timers to reduce waste.

Boulevard Brewing Co.

A green roof on Boulevard Brewing Co.’s Kansas City, Missouri, brewhouse and packaging building reduces heating and air conditioning loads.
Photo courtesy Boulevard Brewing Co.

Kim Hernandez
I love L.L.Bean and their “Guaranteed to Last” tagline. I respect companies who value building something well to withstand the test of time. And if it doesn’t, then they stand by their promise to repair or replace it. Less waste, more outdoor adventure!

Christin Bowman
Besides the obvious convenience of having my heavy stuff delivered to my apartment door (they even come up the stairs!), FreshDirect is also making a huge effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

Via Twitter
@DrinkRuna @WorkSquare @MFEducation are #bcorps doing good and doing well. More on them at entrepreneur xchange.

Love @ThreadIntl + their mission. Helping people and planet is integrated so brilliantly in their biz. #changemakers

Your company can become a force for good when you download our FREE Special Report, Changemakers like John Replogle and Mandy Cabot Reveal B Corporation Benefits for Their Businesses.

When (and why) did you realize you wanted to run or work for a mission-driven company?

Via Instagram
@sandragarcia604 (from @consciousprinc)
Five years ago I found myself working with clients whose products and services I personally wouldn’t buy. I knew I had to transform my business to reflect more of my personal values. I was inspired by other responsible businesses around me that supported a values-centric way of doing business.

Via Twitter
When realizing consumers can be great architects of change, I realized they need transparent businesses to choose from.

Fresh out of college and my co-worker asked, “Are we spending our lives adding a net positive to the world?”

@nkoedyker (from @ForseiCo)
When my co-founder and I realized that business can be the solution, not the problem.

Have you noticed a shift in prospective employees’ values?

Via Facebook
Jim Bowes
When I started my career in 1985, I worked for the company who paid the most. There was no talk of values. Now at age 53, I will only work for a responsible company even if I make less.

How does your business change the world for the better?

Via Facebook
Shirley Monge (from Falcon Waterfree Technologies)
We are always working to give back to our local community and help to build a long-term, sustainable infrastructure.

Travis Hellstrom (from Advance Humanity)
Our company loves working with social entrepreneurs who are making a difference in the world.

Via Instagram
We empower women to break the cycle of poverty. We provide a community where they can inspire and be inspired knowing that they are not walking this path alone.

How do you communicate your company’s higher purpose?

Via Instagram
In 2014, my staff and I started on a cultural manifesto that outlined the values of our company and how we embody them at work and in our personal lives.

What legacy do you want your company to leave?

Via Twitter
@CliffGMJ (from Green Money Journal)
Making it easier for people to make informed financial decisions in alignment with their values.

These reader comments were originally published in the Water Cooler department of the summer 2016 issue of B Magazine.

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